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I'm often in a race to get projects done on deadline and anything that can shave hours or even, perhaps, days off my schedule can mean the difference between sleeping or not sleeping. Flash and SSD are pretty much the same storage technology under the hood, but storage reads and writes have to go through the old SATA interface with SSD, where they're right on the main bus with Flash. PCI Express flash storage is up to 2. Don't get me wrong. There's a lot to like in the Mac Pro.

2013 Mac Pro vs iMac Pro - Photo Editing Comparison (Part 2)

It's got incredibly powerful GPUs, which help when rendering very high-def video, gaming, and 3D modeling. The thing is, I don't do high-def video, gaming, or 3D modeling. The video I do is of the talking head variety and while I upload p to YouTube, you really don't want to see me or my geeky guests in all that high a level of definition.

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The Mac Pro also has dual Xeon E5 processors, which are sweet no matter how you slice it. You can order up to 12 cores. But there's a gotcha here. As you increase cores, the speed of each individual core goes down. While the 3. There's something to be said for the native speed of the E5 over the i7, but if you research around the Web, you'll see it's not that much better in a core-for-core matchup.

iMac 5K vs Mac Pro - Which Mac Workstation is Fastest?

I didn't need the extra cores. I needed single-threaded CPU speed. This is a very important thing to consider. I know the architecture of the applications I run, and so I knew that individual core speed was more important than more cores. For other people, that may be completely different. I also didn't need to FirePro graphics processors.

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They are truly amazing, but I wouldn't be tapping their power. If you look at the configuration, the Mac Pro maxed out at 1TB of flash storage. So did the iMac.

The Mac Pro ran four cores at 3. I wanted 32GB and I could get that on both machines. Sure, I wouldn't mind the ability to expand beyond 32GB, but I average about 22GB, and I don't really need more, especially for the price. In the end, it was price that made the difference.

Why I bought a tricked out iMac instead of a Mac Pro

I also wanted to upgrade my monitors. I was desperate for increased screen real estate, so I wanted to go from inch to inch monitors. Keep that in mind as I run down the cost estimates I made. Certainly not cheap, but wait until you see the Mac Pro. As you can see from both the charts and the table, iMacs rely on brand-new GPU architectures to post big performance improvements. So the iMac is further ahead of the iMac than the iMac was ahead of the model. The company has continued to extend its lead by adding more and more PCIe bandwidth and aggressively adopting standards like NVMe.

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The models bump this up to four lanes of PCI Express 3. Compared to SATA, read speeds are up by almost percent. You must login or create an account to comment. Skip to main content. Andrew Cunningham. Working in the Enterprise IT business I can tell from experience it would not be the first time a supposedly inferior systems for 'starters' beat the big iron with significant more horsepower - thanks to legacy software base and Intels Few-Core-High-Frequency CPU models.

Jan 1, 9: Was not to move the thread, but to ask there also for first hand on how they like the iMac now. I just don't feel comfortable spending that much when I know Mac Pro is designed for heavy use, better thermals, IS upgradeable, and will last longer. Jan 2, 4: An iMac is a children's computer.

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The glossy screen is useless for editing photos, you cannot judge density accurately. If you are making a living at photography, I would use a Mac Pro. Jan 2, 5: Well, that's not what I'm currently doing. I would say I am an overly enthusiastic pro-sumer who likes to invest in expensive technology in the abscence of real creativity I have seen people working out much better shots and designs on a MacBook right, not a even a MacBook Pro!

The iMac has served me quite well so far in terms of speed and capacity I upgraded it multiple times and it is at it's end of it's first usage cycle though. After 4 years technology has advanced quite a bit and several things on the iMac are annoying now: If the iMac cannot be be calibrated well enough even for amateurs photography and print I agree it's useless.

May 16, 5: A mac pro has NO monitor. Very hard to judge color.

GREAT for color. Not very childlike except for my attitude.