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The actual iMac display. Extract the zip to your downloads folder and then run these commands in the terminal copy and paste one line at a time, pressing enter after each line to compile the program only needs to be done once: Alex Alex 2 7. This can easily screw up your Mac's main display, unless you run the -l command to know which monitor to apply it to Make sure that you quit the System Preferences first. Lee Joramo Lee Joramo 1, 7 Also I would find it hard to believe that my iMac isn't able to do something as simple as rotating its internal display. This is how it works. I certainly provided additionally information that could have solved your problem and would be useful to others.

How to Rotate a MacBook Pro Display

My answer did not deserve a down vote. In any case I didn't down vote your post. Might I ask what version of Yosemite you're using? Thanks in advance.

Do NOT rotate your screen using alt-click on the Display preference pane. My solution was the following.

How to flip screen on a Mac

Yosemite Jedi Knight:: Does not work for me, I have a 17 inch powerbook of the first generation. But I did notice this, if one holds shift-option while clicking on monitor, you get the slow motion version of the transition between all preference pane and the monitor preference.

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Works fine for me on my 17" 1. Make sure you quit system preferences first before holding option-command.

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  6. If you get the wrong keys you have to quit the preferences and try again. I changed it and took by accident deg. After changing, the option was gone, so I was in a little trouble suddenly: But quitting system prefs and alt-click brought the rotate back and I changed it to normal. I'll try 90deg in a moment. Right now, the anti-aliasing is rather screwed up Guys, there is no alt on the mac.

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    There is the Command or Apple key, the option key, and the control key. In this case the poster means option. To get the rotate menu, do the following: Close System Prefs. Open System Prefs. Hold down the option key while selecting Displays On my Original Titanium G4 Powerbook the rotate menu shows up automatically for the cinema display, but not for the internal monitor.

    Doing the option trick brings it up for both. Rotating the display on the powerbook is no problem. To rotate it back to normal, just follow the steps above again. Worked for me! Now I can have my MacBook Pro on it's side and use it as a text reader while using an external display as the main display.

    Automatically Rotate Displays | MacRumors Forums

    Oh, I should add I have to have a second monitor hooked up for this to work. If it's just the MacBook by itself it doesn't work. If you want to read in bed, Preview allows rotating of PDFs. This is very effective and I've used it extensively to read books and manuals in a landscape format.

    Apple decided to hide rorate option on some models despite they have capabilities to rotate it. The way to unleash rotating provided hardware supports the trick is: Run System Preferences the point is, it must be just-run, so quit it and reopen if you have it already opened 2. Alt-click at Displays 3. Select your rotatation: If you want to revert to previous rotation, or to standard - close System Preferences and go to 1.

    How to Rotate the Mac Screen Orientation into a Vertical Layout

    I do have the Id really like to figure out how to flip the display with an apple script, so that i can use the sudden motion sensor to flip the display automagically if i tilt it sideways to read it like a book. I think you can see where this is going. Does anyone know if there is a display that sends a signal to the mac that it has been pivoted, so that the display auto changes.

    Is this possible? Zapping PRAM has no effect.

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    The only thing that helps is a safe boot. Boot and hold down the shift key - just like you used to do in Mac OS 9. This only works on ATI cards. You might have to hold down option to make the rotate popup appear when clicking on displays. The only downside is speed on the external monitor. Any dragging of windows is very choppy; probably because the CPU is swithing the X and Y axises on the fly, affecting performance. On my G4 iBook I was able to do this by hitting "option" when launching the pref pane.

    But after rotating I couldn't accesse the option again - I was stuck with an upside-down display. Finally, i was able to undo the action by restarting the computer and repeating the procedure. On the warning for a scan-out-of-range error: This popped up at MacFixIt a couple of weeks ago with a forum member. December 28, at 2: Helen Lahaye says: February 22, at 4: Eric says: February 28, at 3: Dad says: December 28, at 3: December 28, at 6: December 29, at 9: Brandon says: December 29, at 1: Wil says: December 29, at 6: December 29, at Alberto says: December 30, at 5: John says: December 30, at Simon says: January 8, at Atu says: July 18, at 8: July 18, at 9: CLG says: January 7, at 1: Dan says: January 17, at Filip Tepper says: March 10, at 4: Mac Setups: March 26, at 8: Rotate MacBook Display Orientation says: March 30, at 5: Tom says: May 31, at 2: Now you can turn your Macbook into a book The Digital Reader says: June 24, at 8: Friedhelm says: July 12, at 4: Mac Setup: July 16, at 8: July 23, at 5: Althage says: July 24, at October 1, at 3: Z Design Studios says: October 1, at 5: October 15, at 2: December 30, at 9: Steve says: March 23, at 7: Richard says: April 29, at 5: November 8, at 5: Fran Coates says: June 12, at 9: