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Fishrrman macrumors P6. Feb 20, 17, 5, Put an SSD into it. NOT a hybrid drive. It will become much faster. Trust me on this one. Aug 27, on the land line mr.

Anyone added an SSD?

SSD if you can. And then test.

If it is still slow Mar 21, 3, Well this is interesting. The mini had become basically unusable with the cloned SSHD in there, like I could get to the login page but I couldn't input the data to actually login because there was too much lag between the keyboard and the OS. So I'd put in my password and a minute literally later it'd show up. Once I finally got it in it just didn't do anything. So I rebooted, hit D, ran Apple Diagnostics test, it said everything looked fine, and I even rant the extended test. It booted the Macbook Pro just fine, worked and everything.

I put it in the toaster and tried to boot the mac mini and the behavior is odd. I mean I heard the hard drive power down, so??? I don't know what is going on there. Anyway, Black Magic speed test seems to show this drive as responding well.

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But none of my software or docs are on it, so I want to test it internally and then I guess bring all of that over manually, I don't know. I have Time Machine backups but maybe I should start from scratch. So right now it seems the most logical thing would be it's a software issue, but that doesn't explain the weird booting.

Edit: Also to those suggesting an SSD, I feel you, but if there's something else wrong with the computer then that's a bit premature.

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Last edited: Sep 24, Nov 23, Have similar issues. Seems worse running Sierra. Have tried earlier OS on external drive without as many slow downs.

Solved - Mysterious Slow Drive Speed on Mac Mini (tricky one) | MacRumors Forums

Get the beachball a lot when starting up a program. Then when loaded again, seems to run ok. It's my partner's Mac Mini. So I get the "why is this so slow? Have done clean installs. Have used external drive. Just seems to crawl. One thing that fixed the always on fan and locking up was installing AdBlocker for Safari. Seemed like a lot of forums where thrashing ads and locking up resources.

Just something to consider if you have similar issues BrianBaughn macrumors Feb 13, 6, Baltimore, Maryland. Did you ever try the HD cable replacement that Audit13 suggested? BrianBaughn said:. Last edited: Sep 25, Beachguy macrumors Nov 23, 1, Florida, USA.

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That's always been the case. I'd love to speed it up as well. Granted, it shouldn't be a speed demon, but when I say slow, I mean relative to what other similarly spec'd machines I use do. Beachguy said:. I'm going to repeat the advice I gave above. Recommendation 1: Put an SSD into it.

inmardutesum.tk Reactions: wlossw. I'm surmising the OP didn't read my linked-to posts. Sammy Pro in the lower bay. What Fishrrman wrote, over and out. Reactions: hobowankenobi. As you can see in my sig below, I bought a bunch of Macs around the same time years ago. The only one which seems amazingly sluggish is the mini, and it has always been that way, which is why I never used it much. It was my first Mac. By its processor, it should be adequate in performance, but for some reason it has always felt bogged down.

I need to put an SSD in it to try seeing the difference The Mac mini made its debut in , and was marketed as the affordable entry-point for Mac newcomers. But as it turned out, the Mac mini found a market with pro users thanks to its small footprint. Apple says the new Mac mini is up to five times faster than the previous one which, after all, was released in October This is a quad-core processor that offers two more processing cores than the chip in the previous Mac mini. However, Turbo Boost up to 4. In the past, you could choose from a hard drive slow but spacious , a Fusion Drive the capacity of a hard drive but with better speed , or flash storage a fast and pricey solid-state drive.

Now, Apple offers only solid-state drives, which offer the best speed. So, if you prefer to house your storage inside the computer instead of attaching an external drive, you might consider shelling out more money for an upgrade. Doing it on your own will void the warranty. The question is, Are these improvements enough for owners of the Mac mini to upgrade?

Even in single-core apps e. The iMac is only 4 percent faster. Another interesting data point: The new Mac mini outperforms the 3. Keep in mind that this is in single-core performance, and the Mac mini versus Mac Pro story changes in our next suite of tests. Because Apple has changed the marketing message with the new Mac mini, its multi-core performance will draw more attention than before.

You can see the additional Mac mini versus iMac benchmarks here. The Mac mini, however, is slower than the 6-core 3.

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One of the reasons the Mac mini has been such a beloved machine among Mac users is that it comes with so many ports in such a small package. For networking, the Mac mini comes standard with a gigabit ethernet jack and Wi-Fi. The Mac mini also has Bluetooth 5. The long gap between updates lent itself to speculation, with Apple fans compiling wish lists for the new Mac mini. You can stack it on top of the previous Mac mini, and it lines up perfectly. MacStadium co-location center uses thousands of Mac minis.