Word processor for mac with word count

Here are five tips to let you get the most from it and maybe even avoid the need to splash out on Microsoft Word or iWork Pages.

Count words from top in Pages

Copy and paste the following code into the main editing area of AppleScript Editor: tell application "TextEdit" set wc to count words of document 1 if wc is equal to 1 then set txt to " word. If you get an error reported, check to ensure everything has been copied across correctly.

Add the page count to a document

Note: The Scripts folder might not exist. Then repeat this step.

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In the dialog box that appears, ensure the General tab is selected and put a check next to the Show Script Menu in Menu Bar heading. This will add a new icon to the top right of the screen.

How to check word count in Pages - Mac Tutorial

Quit AppleScript Editor. Click the Word Count entry, which will probably be at the bottom of the list.

The number of words will appear in a pop-up dialog box. The solution is to click anywhere within the document. This will deactivate the screen dimming.

This can be useful for programmers, even though there is no option within TextEdit to actually display line numbers! If you start typing in a non-English language, TextEdit will automatically switch its spellcheck dictionary to that language. Start typing in German, for example, and it will spot any errors in the German words you type.

Many Mac writing tools count words but this one has a unique feature that makes it a standalone favorite. Why bother to count words?

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Some writers are paid by the word. Others write only during a limited number of hours a day and want to keep on a schedule for a project.

Writing Tools

In addition to word count, WCP also counts total characters, total number of sentences, the number of lines and paragraphs. Lines and paragraphs? And WCP accounts for margin size and changes within a document. Even the paragraph settings can be adjusted to exclude titles, sub-titles, and headers which often show up in a paragraph or sentence count.

Word Counter

Paste Text is self explanatory. Copy text from your document and paste it into WCP. Alternatively, you may simply drag a text file onto WCP and it begins the counting. However, my favorite feature is the Watch File capability. That means WCP watches a specific file while you work.