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Eine DVD in iTunes importieren. Learn more.

Learn more Download Handbrake. Handbrake is a free ripper and converter program. You can download the program at http: Install the software. Once it has downloaded, double click the launcher and follow the instructions to complete installation. Launch Handbrake. If it doesn't automatically open after installation, locate the application and double click to launch.

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It will take a few moments before the DVDs content will appear on your screen. Select source for ripping. Just click on the DVD icon placed in the sidebar. Handbrake will scan the contents of your DVD. Drag the ripped files into the iTunes window.

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  • # Step 1: Rip DVD to iTunes compatible digital format.

Depending on the settings that you have enabled in iTunes, you can choose to either keep the original ripped file or delete it. Access the file. You can access the file by clicking on the Movies sidebar on the left side of your iTunes window. Watch your movie. Double-click on the movie and watch it whenever you want to. I always use High Profile, and I sometimes tweak the audio, and the subtitles, if I'm ripping a movie in a language I don't understand.

DVD to iTunes Converter: How to Import DVD to iTunes Quickly

When you've adjusted everything, click Add to Queue. Also, in the Format menu, choose MP4 file, so you can add this file to your iTunes library.

How to Rip DVDs and Add Them to Your iTunes Library

Step 3: If you want to rip multiple episodes of a TV show, or a movie and bonus features, click the Title menu and select other titles. Each time you've selected one, click Add to Queue.

Best DVD-MP4 ripping software

Each title is ripped as a separate file. Step 4: Click Start. Handbrake shows its progress at the bottom of its window. You should notice that your Mac starts working very hard; the fan should quickly go to its maximum speed, as Handbrake uses all your CPU cores.

DVD to iTunes Converter: How to Import DVD to iTunes Quickly

You may find this annoying, which is why I generally rip. Depending on your Mac's processor, it may take quite a while to rip a DVD. For this article, I've ripped the extended cut of Almost Famous, which runs for 2: It took about a half hour to convert the film on a retina iMac, but with a slower Mac, it might take an hour or more.

Step 5: When Handbrake finishes ripping, you'll have an.

You can either add this directly to your iTunes library see step 6 or use iFlicks to search for metadata, and then add it to your library. If you have iFlicks, drag the file to iFlicks' window. When iFlicks has found metadata, the window will look like this:. Step 6: Click Start to have iFlicks process the file. It adds the metadata, and then adds the file to iTunes; this takes a couple of minutes. If you have added files in other formats to iFlicks, the app converts them to. Step 7: If you don't use iFlicks, add the file to your iTunes library manually.

Find the file, press Command-I, and click the Options tab. By default, iTunes adds all videos as Home Videos. Ripping DVDs can be time-consuming, but with the workflow I suggest, you can rip your DVDs before actually converting them, making the process a lot easier. It's a great way to digitize your DVD collection, so you can have access to your files more easily.

And, of course, to free up some of the space in your living room.

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Hi Kirk. I have a recommendation: I bought and used RipIt for ripping for a long while. I use much the same workflow you describe here using Handbrake. How do you rip protected DVDs by Disney? Whenever I use Handbrake, it rips only a portion of the movie.