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Mobile KJ's, when arriving at a particular venue, can simply switch kJams to that venue, and all the singers that frequent it will then be available. Singers: Each singer get's their own "Tonight" playlist, as well as "Favorites" and "History". They can change the pitch or tempo for any song in any of their lists and it will always be remembered.

Rotation: The Rotation list is built from singers who are marked "here" and who have items in their "Tonight" list.

You can see how many times a singer has ever sung, or how many times they've sung a particular song. Switchable Songs: Lets you quickly and easily pick a different song for a singer to sing, from that singer's "Tonight" list, and you do it right within the "KJ Rotation" playlist. The Artwork panel can show a copy of what's playing in the video window in case you can't see the video window 7. Scripting lets you control all aspects of kJams using AppleScript 8. Its just like iTunes, except theres also karaoke lyrics on the screen or on the TV that follow along with the song, showing you what to sing next.

Website: PCDJ.


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Do you know how the best singers really belt out those numbers? By singing from the diaphragm! You can learn how to improve your vocal performance by singing from the diaphragm in this course. It works like iTunes as well — you simply add your karaoke tracks to the library and hit play. The lite version has just about the most basic features — playing different music formats, managing playlists, adjusting pitch, tempo, etc.

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The pro version is where things get interesting — you get a powerful singer management tool, a second window to output lyrics, as well as a native iPhone app. It works the same way as most karaoke software — load up your tracks, plug in your mic, and belt away your favorite songs. You get a basic song management and a simple lyrics display screen, but if you want more pro features — singer rotation, secondary output, etc. The Verdict: A free alternative to kJams.

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Simple feature set and easy to use UI makes it a solid choice for casual users. Website: Plumamazing. This course on elite singing techniques will get you started on the right track! Course Categories.

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Create a Course Corporate Learning Mobile. Music Sports Games Marketing. Karaoke Software for Windows Windows users are spoiled for choice when it comes to picking a karaoke software.

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Some of the options are: 1. Pros: Wide range of features — pitch change, live recording, mic effects, tempo change, etc. Access to KaraFun library with 17, karaoke-only tracks. Easy to use. Web and mobile apps.

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Cons: Library missing some old popular songs. Pros: Tons of features, including tempo change, singer management.

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Designed for use in clubs and bars. Comprehensive database for managing songs. Cons: Clunky interface; not easy to use. No access to online library. Pros: Feature rich, professional grade karaoke software. Better UI than Siglos and other competing software.

Cloud-based library with 13, tracks. Cons: Expensive. UI can take some time getting used to. Default skin is a little dull.

Karaoke Software for Windows

Pros: Easy to use, familiar iTunes UI.