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The charging handle rotates to 90 degrees to lock the bolt in the forward position thus preventing the weapon from being cocked.

G&P CNC Aluminum Mock Silencer for KWA/KSC/HFC Mac 11 M11 Series Airsoft GBB

The second safety is a slider which is pushed forward to lock the trigger, which in turn pins the bolt to the rear cocked position. This prevents the weapon from discharging even when dropped, which is not uncommon with an open-bolt design.

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The rate of fire of the MA1 is one of the biggest complaints on the firearm. Listed as approximately 1, rpm rounds per minute , [7] the MAC is capable of emptying the entire round magazine in less than two seconds, which many users view as a drawback.

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The gun also has a selector switch that allows it to fire only one round at a time in the semi-automatic mode. Noting the weapon's poor accuracy, in the s International Association of Police Chiefs weapons researcher David Steele described the MAC series as "fit only for combat in a phone booth. The M is the least common version in the MAC family of firearms.

At the MAC's high cyclic rate , extreme trigger discipline is required to discharge short bursts, which are required for combat expediency.

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Without proper training, the natural tendency of the inexperienced shooter is to hold down the trigger, discharging the entire magazine in little more than two seconds, often with poor accuracy due to recoil. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Jane's Infantry Weapons , 15th Edition. Jane's Information Group. Retrieved 11 June Military Armament Corporation.

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The Mac Man: Add to Cart Add to Wishlist. Green Gas, Propane Fire Modes: Gun, Magazine, Mock Silencer Hopup: Yes, Non-Adjustable Manufacturer: This really hurts the gun's performance in CQB if you ever find yourself in a situation that requires some range.

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Not made for accuracy obviously, due to its short barrel and the fact that it is a Mac 11; it's not supposed to be accurate. This is more preferred as a sidearm in a woodlands environment, where you can engage enemies close enough in full auto, since CQB fields like mine enforce a strict semi auto only rule.

On the other hand, using this gun in a field with tight corners is very good, due to its high capacity of 50 BBs per magazine and very mobile design, compared to the pistols that usually hold around BBs. The magazines are very expensive, about 45 dollars each. The silencer adds cool points to it though. This item, however, may qualify for free shipping. Black Length: Aluminum Alloy Manufacturer: Horribly overpriced for what this is. On unboxing: The silencer itself was very nicely made, with a well-done matte black paint-job and very nicely structured design with no hints of error.

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It feels good to the touch, and though it has a realistic weight, it is very easy to through on your gun and get going.