X3 reunion mac system requirements

System Requirements

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Video and Sound. Which they now took away in the last patch 2. So now that the game is runnable it's playable but not that great. Cause you can't hear Voices or see videos. It's a big problem because most of the AI communicate thrugh voice. And the missions objectives sometimes comes through videos. The rest is running excellent! Agreed on all fronts - I'd say we're at Bronze now, close to Silver.


Yeah I would actually give it a Silver if only the voices would work. Confirming this behavior wrt the Steam release of this title. Has anyone tried the script mentioned over at wineHQ about this? Played around with a few things, and video and sound seem to be working now.

That's with X3TC 2. With my last round of testing here wrt CXG 9. I think there's some more sound updates coming in the next CXG release, so I might have a closer look at sound then Any more information on this? X3:TC Mac version is too buggy to be playable, and Crossover seems to run it great in fact at much better framerates than the Mac version!

The videos aren't such a big deal, but everything seems so quiet without the voices. Why don't the voices work?


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