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T-Mobile Connection Manager how tos | T-Mobile Support

The email address you entered is not valid. Share Pin Email. What Does Wireless Really Mean? Pros : Convenience of having mobile wireless connectivity already set up as soon as you get your laptop no need to install your own mobile broadband device ; less obtrusive than a USB 3G or 4G laptop stick. Cons : Not transferable to other laptops or devices. Example : In the configuration options for the HP EliteBook p ultraportable laptop, for example, there's a drop-down option for HP Mobile Broadband that will add the "universal mobile broadband module" to your laptop.

Pros : Can be used on different devices e. Some laptop sticks also function as USB thumb drives for portable storage and other useful purposes. Cons : Sticks out of your laptop's USB port ; easy to misplace or lose. Pros : Usually can connect 5 or more mobile devices at once.

Device hardware: T-Mobile USB Laptop Stick

Cons: Have to carry around a separate device though mobile hotspots tend to be pretty thin and small, about the size and width of a credit card. Example : Most smartphones these days have a built-in mobile hotspot feature. Hi, you might want to have a look at launch2net www. It works with most networks and modems worldwide. Cheers Jan nova media. Thanks Jan - I tried the demo and all seems to work very well. It's a bit expensive for me though. Guess it would be nice to see SMS support in there too. Hi Jan, Thanks for the tip - was getting very frustrated trying to get my new Web n Walk to start up earlier.

I've now saved the settings as a location on my mac and if you switch to this when you want to use the stick you can use the Stick Manager without it crashing.

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I'm north of Glasgow just now, getting two bars, and about kbps up and down - not too bad. A bit of latency sometimes it seems, but results are fairly typical. I'll mainly be using it in Edinburgh where the signal strength seems better though! Hi, i just had to say thanks for posting this info, i just bought the same usb stick encountered all the same 'quitting' issues, rang support helpline - told it was compatible, downloaded driver update still no joy. Found your info applied settings as instructed - perfetto e tutto bene!

Grazie mille tutto. Very useful information.


S Your blog won't accept my. Sorry about the email verification - I've replaced the script - its failed a few now but the new one shouldn't cause any problems. I have tried the web n walk stick on my Macbook Pro. There dosent seem to be enough power in the USB ports to power the modem and as soon as it connects it drops the device and then says it can't find the device. Sometimes it comes back up and you can reconnect and other times you have to remove and reconnect the device.

T-mobile were very helpful but they say the USB modem version carries a usb splitter to combine the power of two ports but the USB stick dosent. Ended up sending it back. Its great to have forums like this as it saves alot time effort and money in ringing up the manufacturer T mobile everytime something is not working on your internet or even phone for that matter. You can get a t-mobile branded version of launch2net free from the tmobile site.

A lot easier than seting everything up! Once I'd found the special characters palette I was up and away using internet connect. Thanks indeed! Hi all, I've had all the issues mentioned previously, I have even had an issue with Safari not connecting although Firefox did. A pal explained Firefox holds it's proxies.

These issue have all been sorted but I experience pixelating on images and graphics. My partner has a PC and downloaded the T-Mobile web accelerator which fixed this issue, can anyone help resolve this on Mac. D Carrington - see my related article on the t-mobile image compression issue, link is in the 'related articles' section at the top of the page. I got one last week went into the shop they checked my post code told me i had excellent coverage where i lived I have been using my web n walk happily for some months now on my MacBook, but just now I can't connect to anything that is on port I am sure that this has worked happily in the past.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar, or have any ideas what I can do?

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Web n walk worked okay for me with Tiger until the system crashed first time after five years using OS X this has happened, as far as I can remember then it lost its settings, and then would not connect at all. Have just installed launch2net, which I had bought previously for a different PC card modem, and this seems to connect fine. Note to Jamie.

Take the stick back. You placed reliance on the seller's advice that the stick would be usable at your postcode and it does not. This is a clear case of fitness for purpose - it does nto match the purpose for which you needed it and the seller assured you it would. Sale of Goods Act covers this, even the version. If there are any problems cancelling, write to OfFcom. Thanks for your help with this. On a related issue, every time I plug the USB modem in it acts like a memory stick and opens a folder with the web'n'walk installation app and user manual.

Any ideas as to how to stop this happening? Do you know of the same problems regarding the E Huawei on t-mobiles web n walk deal?