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Printouts are faint. The Epson Printer Utility cannot be accessed. Print options, such as paper type and quality, are limited. Check for any red error lights on the printer control panel, or error messages on the printer's LCD screen. Perform a printer operation check. Printer Operation Check Results: Check the status of the print queue.

If you deleted a print job and the status is now Printer Ready, try printing from Text Edit. If there you are still experiencing printing issues, attempt to isolate the issue. If the Epson driver is not listed, download and install it from the Epson Support website.

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Ensure that the paper size you use most regularly is set as the Default Paper Size. Try a print from Text Edit. If the troubleshooting fails:. Note: For trouble-free operation, we recommend using the latest driver. Check that there is power to the printer.

Gutenprint for Mac OS X

Power is indicated by a green, red, or amber light on the printer's control panel. If the printer will not power on, see the following Related Article: There appears to be no power to the Printer - all lights are off. What can I do? Check for any error lights on the printer control panel , or error messages on the printer's LCD panel. If there is power to the printer but printing does not complete, check for a red or amber error light on the printer control panel.

For printers with an LCD panel, check: For any error lights on the printer control panel.

For any error messages displayed on the LCD panel. If the product is in the Setup or Maintenance mode, this may not allow printing from a computer. Press one of the other mode buttons such as the Photo mode, Memory Card mode, or Copy mode button to exit the menu and return to the normal display. Pressing the Setup mode button may also exit this menu and return to the previous mode.

Back to Top. Note: As this process varies across printer models, please consult your printer user guide for instructions or search the Epson Knowledge Base if you require more detailed instructions. Click on the printer's icon in the Dock. The Status column shows whether the document is Printing or on Hold. Follow the appropriate instruction below to start jobs , delete jobs , or resume printing. To resume a print job that is ' On Hold ', click on it in the list then click Resume at the top of the window.

Gutenprint and Gimp-Print for Mac OS X (10.2 through 10.11 and later)

If jobs have stopped, click Start Jobs to resume printing. If printing does not complete, delete the job. To delete a print job, click on it in the list to select it and click Delete : You cannot stop or delete print jobs on another user's shared printer.

Select the printer name from the Printer: pull-down menu. Note: If Print Settings is not listed or Printer Settings for some Laser printers , the Epson driver has not been added and a third party driver is in use.

Make settings as appropriate, check that the paper size selected matches the paper loaded in the printer. Click Print to send the document to the printer. If a job that was ' On Hold ' does not resume, or the print from Text Edit does not complete, check the connections and Resume the print job. If Retry is not an option, click Delete Job. If the print is then successful : The problem may be resolved and no further troubleshooting required.

Open the print queue, Delete the print jobs and make sure that the printer is not set to Paused and that jobs for the printer are not on Hold. Check Status Monitor to check if it detects a problem with the printer such as an empty ink cartridge.

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If an error is detected, take the recommended steps to resolve the issue. If you need help with this step, see the following Related Article: How to access the printer utilities and check Status Monitor in Mac OS X Move to Step 7 if you need to continue printer troubleshooting. Connect the printer's data cable directly to a port on the Mac. Use a data cable that is no longer than 1.

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Anything longer than this can reduce reliability. If there is a response from the printer when you attempt a print, such as some printing occurs or the ink levels can be viewed, move to Step If there is no response from the printer when you send a print job, follow the next step Step 7b and onwards. If the Epson printer appears: The printer is detected by the Mac. Move to Step 8 for further troubleshooting. If the Epson printer does not appear: There is a communication issue. Re-check the data cable connections, as described in Step 7a. As the System Profiler does not update itself quickly, if you reconnect the data cable you should allow it a few minutes to update.

Epson also recommends changing the data cable for a different, known-working cable. If the Epson printer is not detected in the System Profiler , test the printer on a different computer Mac or Windows where possible. If you are using a printer which has both a USB and FireWire port, you could try using the other interface connection. Click Refresh and allow the Profiler a few minutes to update. Recommendations from Apple's support article : Verify that other network services, such as file sharing and Web browsing, are available and work.

Allowing Third Party Applications to Install on a MacBook

If you are sharing a printer over the network, ensure that Printer Sharing is enabled in the Sharing pane of System Preferences. Ensure that Printer Sharing is also allowed on any Firewalls in use. Airport , or Built-in Ethernet. Click on the AppleTalk tab: You may also need to check the default Location - ensure that when you exit the Network pane after Applying any changes , the network you use is the last screen tab open. Automatic discovery may be recommended unless you want to connect to different networks.

If another printer is available, try printing to it. Verify that the connections work, that network preferences are correct, and that the any required software for the additional printer is installed. If there is another node on the network that can successfully print to this printer, move the computer to this node. It may be necessary to change network settings at this point.

Note: Epson do not support the use of third party print servers, nor devices such as Apple's AirPort base stations. The added drivers are listed here.

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  • Check the list for your Epson printer. If your Epson printer is listed, click on the printer to highlight it and the driver information will appear in the pane on the right. This is where the Name of the printer name is listed, Location , Status , and the Kind. The correct Epson driver should not have the name of another printer nor feature 'Gutenprint' in the version or under Kind. If it is the correct Epson driver, move to Step If it appears that the correct Epson driver has not been added, click on the printer entry to highlight it then click on delete.

    Move to Step 9. Click here to open the Epson Support site. Download the driver in the support section. Run the downloaded file to install the driver. Double-click on the Epson file and the file will mount a disk image on the Mac Desktop. Double-click on the mounted file and a window will open. Read through the license agreenment carefully. When the Installer has finished, power on the printer and connect the data cable directly from the printer port to the port on the Mac.

    Restart the Mac. PrinterOn offers a variety of ways to provide desktop printing from a typical PC or laptop. The method you choose will depend on what your needs and requirements are. PrintWhere eliminates tedious printer configuration and enables users to print to printers on the network and off-network remote printers using one simple interface. PrintWhere is included as a key solution component of each PrinterOn Edition: PrinterOn Enteprise and PrinterOn Public, and helps to deliver true secure pull printing, tracking and management for Windows-based workflows.

    More about PrintWhere. Just like adding any printer using an IP address, PrinterOn-enabled printers are added much the same way by selecting a server IP address and entering the name or number of the PrinterOn printer.